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YTP460 Desktop Label Printing Machine

  The desktop printing press was invented by us in 1992. It can print the materials like nylon taffeta and polyester satin. Economic power consumption (220V/0.6KW) with stability, quiet and high efficiency operation---is the most durable and reliable printing press.YTP 460T is with Patent of copy right. Digital control and sensor tracking system for repeat printing.

The desktop printing press The desktop printing press


Model YTP460 YTP460C YTP460T
Max.Printing Width 70mm 70mm 70mm
Max.Printing Length

140mm( 1-2 色),100mm( 3-4 色)

Printing Speed 50-5000imp/h
Printing Colors 4-colors
Die Cut yes
Lable Cut No Yes Yes
Power/Voltage 0.6KW/220V
Size:L*W*H 900*450*500mm
Machine Weight 220KG 230KG 240KG
YTP460T with digital Control,Photo Sensor for Reverse Printing!

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